9th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, London, 10-11 October, 2019

9th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, London, 10-11 October, 2019

Congress delegates celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the ISCP at the 8th Congress held in London in 2018.

Theme: Positive and Coaching Psychology: Wellbeing, Sustainability and Achieving Balance

Date: 10-11 October, 2019
Venue: NCVO, London

This Two-Day Conference offered Masterclasses, Keynote and Invited Speakers, Skills-based Sessions and Poster Presentations. The event focused upon the practice and research of Positive and Coaching Psychology exploring themes such as:

• Neurodiversity
• Acceptance and Commitment
• Performance and Resilience
• Ecopsychology
• The Coaching Alliance

• Work/life Balance
• Mental Health
• Community-based practice
• Supervision
• Sustainability and Resourcing

The speaker line up and session information is available on the conference programme.

Parallel Day One Masterclasses by Dr Nancy Doyle and Dr Rachael Skews.

The Day One Conference Timetable is available here.

Day Two Conference Speakers & Presenters including Keynotes by Prof Almuth Mcdowall and Dr Ceri Sims.

The Day Two Conference timetable is available here.

The Poster Presenter Abstracts are available here.

This event brought together professionals from a wide range of settings, interested in the application of positive and coaching psychology. The conference was a superb opportunity to extend professional horizons and network with colleagues.

Please note that the provisional conference timetable may not be the final version and may be subject to alteration by the conference organisers.


Information for Poster Presenters can be downloaded from here: Poster Abstract Submission Form

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