International Accreditation and Certification

The Society offers the following routes to accreditation /. certification as a coaching psychologist.

  1. An international accreditation / certification process available to existing qualified psychologists who are already MISCP members of the Society. This is a grandparenting process.
  2. A portfolio system, offered to graduate Associate members of the Society (AssocMISCP), which enables them to progress towards becoming a full MISCP member of the Society by building up a portfolio of coaching psychology learning and competencies. They will then be able to work towards accredited membership status.

In 2022, the ISCP launched a process where applicants who have already been awarded Chartered Coaching Psychologist status by the British Psychological Society Division of Coaching Psychology automatically fulfil the mandatory requirements of the ISCP accreditation/certification system for coaching psychologists.  Applicants meeting these requirements should complete the shortened application form (please see below).

Please email membership ( for application forms, clearly stating whether you wish to apply as a qualified psychologist for MISCP Accred status or as an Assoc MISCP via the portfolio system. Or alternatively click on the download links below.

The pathways towards ISCP Accreditation/Certification can be viewed below:



The ongoing development of our certification process will be undertaken as the working party focuses on psychology qualifications from around the world. If necessary, a Regional certification system may be set up to reflect local needs.  The ISCP has already arranged dual accreditation systems via some of our MoU agreements with  different coaching psychology bodies around the world.

Around the world, countries have different regulations about psychology practice; statutory regulation and professional backgrounds that allow someone to work in the different domains of psychology. ISCP accreditation and certification does not guarantee equivalence; and does not offer a right to practise in other countries. However, most importantly, it will ensure that Society Accredited or Certified Coaching Psychologists have to maintain relevant annual CPD/CPE and obtain regular supervision or consultation for their work. This will benefit the practitioner, their coachees and client organisations.

In 2021, the Society developed a Specialist Register of Positive Psychology and a Specialist Register of Business Psychology. These are offered to members of the Society who already hold MISCPAccred status. Successful applicants are entitled to state that they have achieved the requirements to be listed on the ISCP Specialist Register of Positive Psychology and or ISCP Specialist Register of Business Psychology.  To find out more, MISCPAccreds can click here for further information and application forms.


(1) You need to be a member first before you can apply for accreditation.

(2) You need to wait 3 months after becoming a member before you can apply for accreditation

(3) Please note we now only accept applications by email. (Send to

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