International Coaching Psychology Day

Celebrating International Coaching Psychology Day

The first International Coaching Psychology Day will be held on Friday 6th October, 2023 to bring the coaching psychology and coaching community together to share with the world the benefits of coaching.

What’s involved for International Coaching Psychology Day?

International Coaching Psychology Day is an opportunity to share the with the world the benefits of evidence-based coaching for people, families, employees, organisations and communities. Get involved, by sharing research that underpins and informs modern coaching and coaching psychology practice.

Social media can be used to share the benefits of coaching. The Social Media Hashtags are: #ICPD2023 #coachingpsychology

Visit the dedicated International Coaching Psychology Day website for more information.

This year International Coaching Psychology Day coincides with the 13th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, 2023 where we will be celebrating international coaching psychology theory, research and practice of Coaching Psychology.