Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

If you are interested in the developing field and profession of coaching psychology do explore our website and consider joining the International Society for Coaching Psychology. If you are a graduate psychologist, state or country licensed psychologist you will be able to work towards our international ISCP certification or accreditation as a coaching psychologist. As a professional body, the Society encourages members to undertake Continuing Professional Development or Education and receive supervision. This will be an essential part of the accreditation and certification process. Current ISCP Membership Benefits include:

  • An issue of the society’s on-line publication Coaching Psychology International per annum
  • Pathway towards ISCP accreditation/certification as a coaching psychologist
  • Code of Ethics and Practice
  • Dependent upon current membership status, entitlement to make use of classes of ISCP membership logo’s *
  • Guidance on courses/workshops and training centres approved by the society as offering CPD/CPE to ISCP members
  • ISCP members on-line discussion forums
  • All members have the opportunity to be part of an international community of coaching psychologists
  • There is currently no joining fee for undergraduate psychology students wishing to join ISCP as an affiliate member
  • Delegates attending ISCP Approved Centres or providers of ISCP Recognised Courses/Workshops can apply for free ISCP affiliate membership
  • Pathway towards ISCP accreditation/certification as a coaching psychology supervisor
  • Automatic subscription to the society’s e-newsletter

* The logo guidelines can be viewed HERE.