Coaching Psychology International

Coaching Psychology International (CPI)

From 2021, CPI has been published electronically on a rolling basis (e.g. as articles become available for publication they will be uploaded on the journal web page[s]). This is the house publication of the International Society for Coaching Psychology. Members can download a PDF of volumes 1-14 of the journal. A PDF of each subsequent volume will be available for ISCP members to download by the end of each calendar year.  CPI may also be available on an occasional basis in print format at in-person ISCP annual conferences, congress events and/or exhibition conference stands.

You can read the latest articles from Volume 16 of Coaching Psychology International under the CPI Volume 16 page.

CPI publishes papers on the research, theory and practice of coaching psychology and allied fields. It also includes news updates from the professional psychology bodies that have reciprocal agreements with the ISCP. Papers are reviewed by the Editors. The journal is listed in SocioWeb and The Academic Resource Index. It is abstracted in the American Psychological Association PsycEXTRA.

The back catalogue of Coaching Psychology International (Volumes 1-13) is available to Society members from the drop down menu on the password protected webpage Electronic Library of Coaching Psychology International: Volumes 1-13 – this is located under the Journals tab.  Please contact for the access code.


Information for Contributors

An aim of CPI is to encourage a range of submissions that contribute to the research, theory and practice of coaching psychology.

The following points may be helpful to consider:

  • Include a Title, Abstract and Keywords
  • Please provide Author information (Photo, Contact and Biog) to accompany the paper
  • Please use the APA style of referencing
  • Typically papers are no longer than 3000 words although shorter articles are also encouraged and if appropriate we may accept longer submissions (based on editorial discretion). If you are considering submitting an extended article ie over 3000 words, then initially, please contact the Editor by email outlining the topic and the reason why it should be an extended paper.
  • We suggest you look at previous issues of the Journal to see a flavour of the style, format and focus of this publication

Please e-mail inquiries and submissions to

Book Reviews

The following guidance may be helpful for Book Review submissions to CPI.

  • Include the book title, author[s], date of publication, place, publisher, edition, pages, cost (hardcopy, paperback, digital), ISBN.
  • Book titles should fall within the coaching psychology and coaching literature base.
  • Please contact the Editor in advance of submitting a Book Review to CPI to check on the suitability of the selected title for this publication.
  • The audience of CPI are coaching psychologists and/or those with an interest in coaching psychology.  Therefore, the Book Review should aim to provide insights and information that readers can  learn from in terms of the available literature.
  • Books should be in print and available to purchase/access.
  • The typical word count for a Book Review would be 500-1000 words.
  • The Editors decision on the suitability of a Book Review for publication in CPI is final.