ISCP Covid-19 Response – Project5

ISCP announces partnership with Wellbeing Support Service for Healthcare Workers (UK)

Many of us are asking how the coaching psychology community, can actively get involved in the response to Covid-19.

For the UK, the ISCP is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Project5 – a not for profit community interest company that has been set up specifically to support the wellbeing of the National Health Service (NHS) heroes and other carers whilst they deal with COVID-19, now and in the future.


Project5 needs a range of wellbeing specialists to help to provide support to the NHS, including the coaching and coaching psychology community. For instance, they anticipate there will be solution-focused conversations with NHS staff around current work challenges, managing face-paced environments, dealing with conflict, ensuring a sense of being valued or handling redeployment, to name a few.

One of the reasons ISCP has chosen to align ourselves with Project5 is that unlike other offerings, has been set up to directly address the issue of sustainability i.e. this service will be able to constantly offer the right level of support to the NHS, now and in the future.

Project5 is able to do this because it has been built around an evidence-based solution-focused model. This means that the team at Project5 will be constantly analysing the psychological needs of the people using the system, looking at what methods are working and what isn’t and then applying this ‘evidence-based knowledge’ back into the system.

We have been assured that the model will be constantly developing to offer the right support to the NHS staff, based on their needs.

Clearly, as coaching psychologists we want to offer support within our areas of expertise. If, in the unlikely event that you have a conversation that is beyond a coaching conversation, Project5 training will show you how to signpost these patients/clients to the right wellbeing specialist, that better meets their needs.

Project5 can be contacted at:


(When working for Project5 and being a supervisor for

In addition to coaching support, Project5 needs experienced supervisors to help manage and oversee the volunteer coaches.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit Project5

The ISCP statement on Covid-19 can also be found here