How to Join ISCP

ISCP Application Form –  please complete this form and you will be contacted by email regards the outcome of your application.

If successful, you will have to pay the subscription before full membership occurs.  Please do not send any payment until asked to do so by the Society.

Please note that if applications are discovered to contain any false entries, misleading statements or material omissions the International Society for Coaching Psychology reserve the right to cancel the application or later revoke your membership.

I certify that the information given on this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I give my consent for the information to be used for staff administration and research purposes, for International Society for Coaching Psychology to contact third parties to verify the information, and for those third parties to release personal data about me in the verification process, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

You should provide contact details below of a professional reference.  Please note:

  1. i) If applying for MISCPAccred status at a later date you will be required to provide a Supervisors reference who should hold a Nationally recognised qualification for your country (e.g. Chartered Psychologist in the UK; Registered Psychologist in Australia; state licensed in USA).
  2. ii) The Society’s preferred method of communication with referees is via e-mail.

Please note that all supporting documentation/certificates must be currently valid at the time of application.”

  1. Table of Fees Cheques/checks should be made payable to the ‘International Society for Coaching Psychology and based on the fees (GBP) set out below. Please note the initial non-returnable registration fee is a one-off payment payable at the time of application only. The International Society for Coaching Psychology is now able to accept payment for membership fees on-line. However, please do not make use of this facility to make your payment until you have received an e-mail notification from the Society that your membership application has been received. At this stage, we will provide you with the information you need on how to make payment via our on-line system.

Affiliate Members: Initial Registration Fee £10.00, Annual Membership Fee £15.00

Associate Members: (AssocMISCP) Initial Registration Fee £10.00, Annual Membership Fee £15.00

Members (MISCP): Initial Registration Fee £10.00, Annual Membership Fee £30.00

Payment should be sent via our on line payment page (please do not make an on-line payment until asked to do so). Please note, processing your application will not be completed until the correct payment has been received.

Your application will not be processed unless the fee, a completed application form and evidence of qualifications/memberships are submitted. Only degrees from recognised and fully accredited universities are acceptable.

In addition to completing the application form:

– If you are applying for MISCP status please email a copy of psychologist’s registration certificate to

– If you are applying for Assoc MISCP status please email a copy of your psychology degree certificate to

  1. We will aim to acknowledge receipt of this application via e-mail within 7-14 days.